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As the constant extension of coverage ratio of property management in China, more and more people fully enjoyed the safety, comfort and convenience brought by property management and service, and thus it powerfully pushed and improved the construction of harmonious society. After more than 30 years’ accumulation, property management has already showed its powerful influence and vitality, the economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit are also showing a good momentum of healthy development. 
FENGHUA worked as an important part and the department of after-sale service of KINGSFORD, developed with KINGSFORD and pursed the high-quality service to meet the growing demands of the owners.
FENGHUA will continue to carry forward the good tradition and explore new service projects, and improve core abilities and quality, strive to realize the followings:
Service with science and technology corresponding to the development trend in 21st Century, enable advanced software of property management, 
Train our server staff to be elite. We will train and introduce property management talent with modern consciousness and professional abilities by multi-channel, to fully guarantee the demands from the owners. 
Design individuality, we will customize fashion, practical and convenient service plan according to different property users, and strive to satisfy owners’ psychological expectations and provide personalized service which can reveal their personalities. 
Standardization of service controlling, to manage according to the regulations, operate according to the specifications, guarantee the operation of Property Management Services ISO9001:2000 Quality System by efficient control. 
Make service standards accurate; clear the service performance standard which can be known, sensed, distinguished and test, to ensure the service product supplying for the owners.
Humanized service concept, giving the convenience to the owners is the first thing we should consider during the work, take the owners’ satisfaction as the starting point and end point., strive to serve without defect. 
Whole-staff-participation service responsibility, first-inquiring responsibility system will be spread in the customer service, here emphasis that the employees should safeguard owners’ benefits and company image consciously no matter what circumstances.
Rationalize the service cost, and do well in cost control and business accounting during the service work, diligent and thrifty, well control the each expend in the reasonable range, and ensure all the property management funds used in place. Make property service meet the low cost and optimal results as possible as we can. At the same time, implement the double veto system of quality and cost in the internal management of each link, thus realize the sustainable development.  
Looking to the further, FENGHUA will continue to create our own brand and constantly improve the management level, construct special living surrounding by refined, professional and diversified property service, strive to improve the owner's satisfaction, bring real sense of happiness and belonging to the owners living here, and then win the trust and steady development.
Take a new step forward with yesterday's success as the starting point. Set up great enterprise image with nice management to support the establishment of KINGSFORD brand.