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      Shenyang FENGHUA Properties . was founded in 2003, the registered capital was RMB 3 million Yuan. It is a professional property management company with State qualification Grade 2 and also the council member of Shenyang Property Management Association. Since the foundation, FENGHUA has strived to improve the work efficiency and service quality depending on advanced technology and scientific Management. After several years’ development, the management system became increasingly perfect and mature. There are around 400 employees, and the average age is 35, their majors cover property management, enterprise management, civil engineering, computer, HAVC, water supply and drainage, radio, power supply and distribution and so on. Among the management positions, the intermediate and senior title accounted for 85%, college degree or above staff accounted for 90%. Now, FENGHUA served 8 real estates, include KINGSFORD HUA KAI, KINGSFORD INTERNATIONAL, KINGSFORD ANOTHER TOWN, KINGSFORD LICHENG, KINGSFORD SCENIC HORIZON, KINGSFORD Xi QU FU, KINGSFORD CONCORD CITYPLACE and KINGSFORD CENTRE INNER, covered multi-storey residential, high-rise residential, apartment and commercial outlets, the management areas reached 1.8 million sqm. The management involved in commerce, residential and other fields, the ability increasingly grew, management system is turning more scientific and rigorous, management concept embodies the humanistic spirit.
As a professional property management company, FENGHUA held the principle-Sweat cast the brand, brand achieve businesses in the period of business startup, starved to do well in property management depending on professional technician and simply steady management style. We obey that the owner is supreme and service is the first, display the spirit of solidarity, pragmatism, pioneering and innovation, and set up the service concept of people oriented and take the owner as the center to create a special property management with FENGHUA’ characteristic. Excellent service quality brought more outstanding achievement and set a good brand image, as well as acceptance and great reputation from the owners. Meanwhile, a skilled and dedicated team was trained, which also won a wider market of property management.
The talents with different professional skills make the company equip with the ability of varied service. FENGHUA provides not only professional service, but also the professional teams in decoration and landscape design, almost covering all the professional talents who the property management need. Therefore, FENGHUA has the powerful management advantages comparing with others.
Rely on so many years’ experience, FENGHUA was established in property management of multiple buildings style in Shenyang, and studied operation models of all kinds of property projects, a set of resource sharing systems was formed as the new increasing project taking over, that is human resources sharing, management resources sharing and network information resources sharing, which improved the management level and reduced the cost at the same time, the concept “Saving cost for the customers and making them satisfied” came true. FENGHUA sought out a special development road with the help of company’s overall superiority.