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  • 2001

    In 2001, our very first venture KINGSFORD Garden was built, at the opportune time of a bull market and our sales quickly reached beyond imagination. The foundation of KINGSFORD Garden was laid before the early winter of 2001, and construction was completed and every unit sold out in 2002. This successful first foray gave KINGSFORD the confidence and courage it needed and was also a perfect debut for KINGSFORD in the Shenyang estate market. It was also a good auspice for things to come. The saying “more haste, less speed” is a wisdom KINGSFORD keeps firmly in mind. Thus we did not attempt to expand too fast after the first success, but instead chose to consolidate our foothold and moved uniformly in the market. 

  • 2003

    In 2003, the construction of KINGFORD Golden Garden project started and was fully sold out by 2004 whereas KINGSFORD YA YUAN was started and sold out in 2005. Our development increased exponentially from here on out. KINGSFORD successfully finished our first Five-Year Plan from 2001 to 2005. During this period, 4 projects were built, which not only attracted extensive interest from the market observers, but also gain the trust and recognition from the citizens in Shenyang City. This also helped the company gained its reputation and capital for the implementation of its next Five-Year Plan.

  • 2006

    In 2006, KINGSFORD INTERNATIONAL was built at the junction of Yun Feng Street and North II Road. Its appearance marked the magnificent transition of the company from being a single residential project developer to one handling multi-industry projects, which also heralded the coming of a new KINGSFORD Era. KINGSFORD ventured into a wide variety of industries, such as hotels, apartments and commercial networks. These were KINGSFORD’s best works on its way towards internationalization, and they were also the result of our brand development in leaps and bounds. KINGSFORD INTERNATIONAL is the most colorful part in our development history. From then on, the enterprise continued progressing at a tremendous pace.  

  • 2007

    Be well-grounded, accumulate steadily and expand vastly. If year 2006 was an important turning point in our development history, the constructions of four buildings in 2007 should be regarded as the new start after the culmination of KINGSFORD’s humble beginnings. In the same year, many new prosperous streets were developed in TIE XI district along with the transformation of old industrial areas and construction of new districts. We started four projects (ANOTHER CITY, INTERNATIONAL, LI CHENG and XIN YUAN) along the North II road which is one of most prosperous street near the commercial circle TAI YUAN Street. The constructions of the aforementioned four buildings started almost simultaneously and were sold out successfully, which marked the start of another unprecedented period in KINGSFORD history.

  • 2009

    In July, 2009, another exquisite real estate HUA KAI XINCHENG was built in HUANGGU District, which was a new page in KINGSFORD’s development history. HUA KAI XINCHENG, located at the west section of HUANGGU buildings, with its offerings of amenities, mature commercial facilities, strong institutions, traffic density, convenient medical environment and sophisticated design, won the sales championship in the area ranking of HUANGGU District during the first half year. At the same time, it also came in second place at the TOP 50 citywide sales area ranking of the first half year.

  • 2010

    In May 2010, KINGSFORD SCENIC HORIZON came onto Shenyang scene quietly along with spring, and became the focus again with its favorable geographical location. It was located at the junction of XINGHUA Street and North III road which was the most prosperous area in TIEXI district, being located near TIEXI department store and the North II road commercial circle, as well as the TIEXI district government. With the collocation of so many strategic buildings in the area, a well-positioned, dedicated modern living space was formed. In addition, a multi-functional club was set up in the residential area, while the commercial buildings around gave it characteristics of internationalization and modernization. Hence we introduced a multifunctional garden-style community with modern comfort, peace, nature and humanity all in one place. It was here also that we witnessed the development of TIEXI Centre, and its subsequent development. 

  • 2011

    In September, 2011, KINGSFORD CONCORD CITYPLACE, another classic masterpiece surfaced. This property was located at the junction of XINGHUA North street and North I road, the Western Cross Golden Corridor which had one of the greatest development potential in TIEXI district. Located at the north of the XINGHUA street commercial circle, near TAIYUAN commercial circle, the geographical location is second to none, traffic is convenient with perfect supporting facilities. This development was separated into two stages, the undergoing first stage is adjacent to Wanda Plaza, and the second stage borders on IKEA. Surrounded by prosperous businesses, with excellent education resources and renowned medical institutions available, we created a perfect living environment. The sales of it was promising at the early periods of launching, and continued to go up steadily despite new housing restriction policies and the natione-wide slowdown of the real estate industry, which is proof of the reputation and trust we have established in customers’ minds. It also marked the completion of the second “five years plan”--- the Enterprise Transition. 

  • 2012

    In 2012, the most highly anticipated launching was XIQU FU No.1. Ground breaking was commenced between XINGHUA street North III Road and IV Road in the middle of April, 2012. The superior geographical location gives strong sales prospects. We have kept the quality of our developments for over a decade, and strive to continue making models of ideal living for the customers who have trusted and supported us all the time.
    Every property developed by KINGSFORD is a worthwhile investment, and each standing building can be regarded as the classic work in the western core area. KINGSFORD not only provides comfortable living space, but also full-time property management under the KINGSFORD Group. TIEXI district has been awarded the distinction as a “Global Livable District” and KINGSFORD’s name has been carved in the annals of the district’s development history. We will continue to shine with majestic grandeur in this world.