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KINGSFORD’s Mission Statement
  • Strive to push the establishment of industry regulation; continuously perfect the method of production, technology and management; promote industry standardization; achieve Quality Growth; and promote industry innovation.

  • Systematically understand different customers’ demands on residential life, and to creatively utilize design, technology and service to provide for them an ideal living space which promotes self-improvement and harmonious living.

  • Continuously research, protect and improve the local environment, forming a sustainable development between humans and nature.

KINGSFORD’s Core Values
  • Professionalism

    To work professionally is a necessary condition for surviving in a tough market environment. Professional talents, products and services are our prerequisites, which are also what we must be known for.

  • Humanism

    To encourage our staff to unlock their potential by providing them with a good stage and space; pay close attention to market trends and customers’ demand in developing personalized products and services; create value for our shareholders and a harmonious environment of cooperation and sincere relationship for our partners, and contribute to the social development of the community.

  • Progressiveness

    Progressiveness is the core characteristic of KINGSFORD Culture, as well as the pillar of support and source of power for the enterprise and employees to achieve success.

  • Harmony

    To maximize the synergy of the whole unit, we must create an internal harmonious environment and promote the unity of ideology and culture between each business unit so as to achieve the best organizational climate.

KINGSFORD’s Standards of Behavior
  • Integrity

    To conduct oneself in a way that is honest, pragmatic and practical; carry out one’s tasks in a way that is trustworthy, faithful and credible.

  • Dedication

    Dedication is the most important prerequisite for doing a good job, also the basic guarantee for success. We undertake to be passionate and fully invested in our work; take full responsibility for our work; strive for perfection; learn continuously to improve our expertise; and perform our jobs dutifully.

  • Cooperation

    To place the enterprise before self, moving in the same direction; respect and understand each other; work as a team with coordination and cooperation; find common ground with each other and break down all barriers.

  • Innovation

    To constantly challenge and improve oneself; continue to innovate our methods, products, management, service and policy, so that innovation will permeate into every aspect of our work.