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There is no doubt that real estate is one of the most important parts of China's macro economy and of people's livelihood. The national government has made great efforts to regulate and control the sector for many years to ensure the healthy development of real estate; and promote the smooth realization of China's macroeconomic goals through timely strategic adjustment, system innovation and appropriate policies. KINGSFORD came onto this field at the early stages, and went through many ups and downs, accumulating rich experiences while responding to the demands of a volatile market. Nearly one year after the market downturn, there are still many opportunities in the real estate market of Shenyang in the second half of this year, especially with an old established enterprise with good reputation. I have full confidence that we can continue with our sustainable development no matter whether the market is advancing or in decline. As the recovery of the market becomes more and more imminent, strong demand for good products will increase along with the development of the provincial capital city. Moreover, in view of the economic challenge China faces and the unpredictable stock market, real estate has regained its spot as a favorite investment avenue again. KINGSFORD will grasp the opportunities available in the recovering market and continue to bring good products to the market, to provide more benefits to our customers, and to expand our market share.
As with the times, people are increasingly becoming more demanding whether on life quality or on living quality, thus innovation is an important issue all companies in every field need to face! However innovation doesn’t mean introducing new products into the market blindly just to suit whatever is in flavor at the moment, because only the products with true, intrinsic value will be remembered as classics, whereas popular ones with no substance are just flash in the pan. Real estate is a tangible asset and its value sustainability is one that customers pay great attention to. Therefore, our innovation must be based on the perspective of long-term development and cultural benefits. I think the future survival and sustainability of a company largely depends on who can provide more living services to the customer, who will go further than the rest. The role of real estate enterprise will transform from merely a residence provider to a service provider, one who provides comprehensive services to improve the comfort level and quality of life. KINGSFORD aims to provide such service from within the community itself, as we gradually complete the transition of a real estate brand image to that of real living itself, to allow our widening customer base to enjoy as high a quality living as possible.